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NAEE WorkBench -members only login *here*
NAEE Workbench is the electronic depository for documents related to economic education, and is available for sharing all kinds of documents among councils, centers, and other members of the National Association of Economic Educators. You might find just what you need for your own work here, or you might have something to place here that would be helpful to others. The folder titles for resources include Management, Fund-raising, Programs, Resources, Research and Working Papers, Network Relations, General Public Relations, Marketing, Brainstorming Drawer - Miscellaneous, Organizations, and 2009 CEE/NAEE/GATE Conference Materials.

If you are a NAEE member, you have access to this resource. Please email for more information and to request an username and password. You will need to provide your full name, professional title, organization and state whether you are a NAEE member. Use the this email address also if you have forgotten either your username and/or password.

A more detailed Guide to Using Workbench PDF can be downloaded and printed.

Review New Affiliation Documents

These are drafts of the new affiliation documents being recommended by the CEE task force. The network representatives on the task force requested that they now be made available:

Network Affiliation Guidelines
Draft for a Whole State Affiliation
Draft for Council Only Affiliation
Draft for Center Only Affiliation

National Association of Economic Educators