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Membership Information

Membership is $50 per year running from October to October. NAEE co-sponsors, with Council for Economic Education (CEE), a conference in October or early November each year, and sponsors a smaller conference for professional development in early spring.

To join, please use the INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP FORM. Upon completion, either select Paypal to be directed to pay there, or print and mail to the address below. Sorry, memberships are non-refundable.

The National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) is the professional association of economic educators.


The mission of National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) is to advance economic and financial literacy by serving educators.

Here is a pdf showing the structure of NAEE.

Purposes of the Association:

  • To provide programs for educators of teachers to help teachers better promote economic, financial, and entrepreneurial literacy;
  • To promote high-quality, activity-based pedagogy for teaching economics, encouraging student-centered methods and curriculum;
  • To develop cooperative working relationships among professional groups, lay organizations and governmental agencies in promoting and encouraging better economic understanding;
  • to provide a forum for communication, sharing best practices and research, and exchanging ideas among those involved in economic and financial education;
  • to promote strong leadership, sound management and effective fund-raising strategies for economic education organizations;
  • to advance objective, non-partisan, and academically strong economic education programs;
  • to collaborate with the Council for Economic Education, affiliated state Councils and Centers, the Federal Reserve Banks, and other economics and financial education stake-holders, in mutually beneficial, reciprocal partnerships to advance economic education;

Benefits of NAEE Membership:

    Professional Development
  • Access to latest economic education materials and methods to better serve teachers
  • NAEE Workbench, an on-line resource for professional development information, teacher materials,and network materials
  • NAEE Professional Development Conference each spring
  • Curriculum development for teachers of economics
  • Community of educators dedicated to economic education
  • Connections to K-12 education community and organizations
  • Mini-grant program for professional development
  • NAEE awards recognize leaders in the field
    Research Community
  • Research on outcomes of economic education to improve teacher education and student learning
  • Research sessions sponsored with the CEE at the ASSA meetings
  • Research sessions conducted at the NAEE / CEE / GATE Annual Conference

Membership Qualifications

Full membership in NAEE is open to persons who have specifically-designated professional responsibilities in economic education. Members are affiliated with a Center for Economic Education or a state Council on Economic Education, affiliated with the National Council, or other organization closely aligned to the goals and mission of the Association. Any individual who expresses an interest in the goals and mission of the association may join.

Honorary membership is extended to individuals who have been elected to such distinction by the NAEE Executive Committee. Honorary members are non-voting members and are not assessed dues.

To join, please use the Membership Individual Form. Upon completion, you may choose to be directed to Paypal or you may print and mail with your check to:

Dr. Kim Sosin
Executive Secretary, NAEE
P.O. Box 27925
Omaha, NE 68127
Questions? email:


NAEE seeks to enhance economic education and your career as an economic educator by:
  • Providing professional development programs, including a spring conference and pre-conference sessions at the CEE/NAEE/GATE annual meetings,
  • Providing a members-only web site, Economic Workbench, with access to information from NAEE colleagues that will be helpful for running councils and centers,
  • Providing mentoring and consulting for our members, informally and through our mini-grant program,
  • Publicly recognizing the achievements of individual members of our network through annual NAEE awards for leadership, service, research, international contributions, and rising stars,
  • Co-sponsoring research sessions with CEE at the Allied Social Science Association annual meetings, and
  • Improving communication within economic education

Becoming Involved

Seven standing committees recommend new directions and policies, and guide implementation and evaluation of new projects and actions. They are:
  • Awards and Professional Recognition
  • Communications
  • International
  • Professional Development
  • Publications
  • Research
  • Technology

The executive committee appoints committee members from volunteers, generally for three-year terms. Please indicate on the form which committees are of interest to you.