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Large supply of high-quality K-12 economics lessons.

Search for web-wide vetted economic education
lessons and materials for K-12, many of them
reviewed by teachers.

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Download the full two-page PDF for a wonderful poster, sponsored by NAEE, showing the CEE/Councils/Centers/NAEE network of economic education programs


The mission of National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) is to be the premier professional organization advancing the growth, service and recognition of economic educators, as they expand economic and financial literacy.

The goals of NAEE are

  • to provide a forum for communication, sharing best practices and research, and exchanging ideas among those involved in economic and financial education;
  • to promote strong leadership, sound management and effective fund raising for economic education organizations;
  • to advance objective, non-partisan, and academically strong economic education programs;
  • to advocate for and improve the economic and financial education of teachers;
  • to collaborate with the Council for Economic Education, affiliated state Councils and Centers, the Federal Reserve Banks, and other economics and financial literacy stake-holders, in mutually beneficial, reciprocal partnerships.

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