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Large supply of high-quality K-12 economics lessons.

Search for web-wide vetted economic education
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NAEE Curriculum Selection Guide

for teachers

Choosing curriculum materials for your classroom can be a challenge:
Do the lessons, videos and textbooks employ good pedagogical techniques? Is the economic and personal finance content accurate? Are the materials standards-based? Are they grade-level appropriate?

On this page you will find rubrics for choosing an individual lesson, a curriculum package, a textbook, and other curriculum tools, such as podcasts, videos, online courses, and more. Along with the rubrics, you'll find a glossary of economics and personal finance terms to help you judge content accuracy.

Those PDF curriculum guides, again, are here:
Rubrics, Instructional Package
Rubrics, Lesson
Rubrics, Textbook
Rubrics, Other
Rubrics, Glossary

You'll also find a list of materials that have won our most prestigious curriculum awards on our AWARD WINNING CURRICULA page. Choose from these materials for your classroom and you can't go wrong!

If you have created lessons, textbooks, online materials, or other economics, entrepreneurship, and personal finance instructional materials, please consider submitting it to our Curriculum Award program.