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Spring 2016 NAEE Professional Development Conference

    Atlanta, GA, March 4-5, 2016: Mark your calendar!

We've been promised 60 degrees and sunshine, so plan to attend! You need to complete registration for the conference (now a waiting list) AND the hotel. Completing one will not register you for the other.

The conference will be held in the Atlanta Federal Reserve building, and the conference hotel will be
HOTEL: Hyatt Atlanta Midtown, directly across the street from the bank. Register at the hotel before February 10 deadline. To get our hotel room rate, use our hotel registration link. There is a subway line that runs from the airport to the hotel.

The conference pricing is $125 for registration. ADD $50 for membership if you are not a member! NOTE- NO REFUNDS now: Last date to issue a conference fee or guest dinner refund was Feb. 15.

NOTICE: We have reached the room capacity and are now taking WAITING LIST only registrations. If you want to register, you will go onto the waiting list, so do NOT pay until you have been notified that a spot opened up. LINK TO REGISTRATION FORM.

Please look over the DRAFT PROGRAM (updated 2/19/16) before making your travel plans. This document also has MAPS and other relevant information for the conference venue and hotel location.

The main conference will be held from 8 am on Friday, March 4, to noon on Saturday, March 5; however, there are important pre-committee meetings:

Wednesday, March 2:
    3:00-6:00pm Conference Committee, Federal Reserve Building of Atlanta
Thursday, March 3:
    9:00am - 4:00pm Conference Committee
    4:00 - 5:30pm NAEE Executive Committee, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
    6:00 - 7:15pm Council Directors Pre-Conference meeting
        Hyatt Atlanta Midtown Conference Room.

Friday, March 4
    7:30am, Breakfast at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta,
    8:15am - 5:10pm, Full conference.
    6:30pm, Dinner compliments of CEE and NAEE

Saturday, March 5
    7:30 -8:30 am, committee meetings are scheduled. Ask your chair if
        yours will meet. Identify your chair here.
    7:30-8:30 am, Arrival at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
        and breakfast.
    8:30am - noon, Full conference.


SCHOLARSHIPS will again be available on a limited basis to help with travel and registration:
This scholarship is jointly sponsored by the Council for Economic Education, the Econ-Illinois Mom's Fund, and the National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE). There are three levels of scholarships:

  1. $200 reimbursement for conference expenses plus waived NAEE conference registration fee (4 available)
  2. $100 reimbursement for conference expenses plus waived NAEE conference fee (6 available)
  3. Waived NAEE conference fee (1 available)

Past and Future Conference Locations:


1962 Terrytown NY
1963 Miami, Phoenix
1964 Hot Springs
1965 New York City
1966 New Orleans
1967 San Juan
1968 San Francisco
1969 Washington DC
1970 Biloxi
1971 Colorado Springs
1972 Hartford, Boston
1973 San Diago
1974 Atlanta
1975 Las Vegas
1976 Orlando/Miami Beach
1977 New Orleans
1978 Portland
1979 Toronto
1980 Cincinnati
1981 Hawaii
1982 Kansas City
1983 San Antonio
1984 New York City
1985 San Francisco
1986 Hilton Head
1987 Las Vegas
1988 St. Louis
1989 Atlanta
1990 Los Angeles
1991 Louisville
1992 St. Petersburg
1993 Milwaukee
1994 Williamsburg
1995 Dallas
1996 Hawaii
1997 Indianapolis
1998 Washington DC
1999 Boise
2000 Savannah
2001 Chicago
2002 San Diego
2003 New Orleans
2004 Little Rock
2005 San Antonio
2006 New York
2007 Denver*
2008 Biloxi
2009 Washington, DC
2010 Miami*
2011 Chicago
2012 Kansas City, MO
2013 Baltimore, MD
2014 Dallas, TX
2015 St. Petersburg
*photos linked


1999 Baltimore, MD
2000 Louisville, KY
2001 Baltimore, MD
2002 Tampa, FL
2003 Las Vegas, NV
2004 Kansas City, MO
2005 Baltimore, MD
2006 Scottsdale, AZ
2007 Atlanta, GA
2008 Baltimore, MA
2009 Las Vegas, NV
2010 Oklahoma City, OK*
2011 Charlotte, NC*
2012 Omaha, NE
2013 St. Louis, MO
2014 Philadelphia
2015 San Antonio, TX
2016 Atlanta, GA
*photos linked