NAEE 2013 Professional Development Conference

St Louis Federal Reserve Bank, March 1-2

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Welcome by Mike E. and Mary S.

National Personal Finance Education Standards Panel Discussion; Mike S., Andrew H., Steve B., Bonnie M., Mary S.

The Promise of Dragons: Financial Literacy through Games; Joe T.

CEE Update; Nan M.

Vice President and Deputy Director of Research, "The Fed at 100"

What's New in FED Education? Barb F. and continued...
What's New in FED Education? Michele W., Gigi W., Princeton W., and Mary S. (not pictured). Common Core and Economics Education; John L., Chris C., Mary Lynn R., Deborah K.

Friday Night Activity: Excellent tour of Busch Stadium!

Successful Partnerships Panel; Julie H., Rob C, Sue O., Jennifer T. (not shown).

What's New in Tech; John L.
Hands-on Banking presented by Angel Z (not pictured).
We thank Angel for his participation and the generous support of Wells Fargo Bank!