The NAEE Professional Development Conference, Feb 26th, 2010

Program: Jim, Indiana U at Pennsylvania Center, and Geanie, Economics Arkansas

Host: Sue Lynn, Oklahoma Council

Day 1

Renee takes us fishing to show some tools to promote a more positive work culture, and just have more fun.

The conference host is smiling!

Renee has us all "fluff up our auras:"

Which we do by creative skits:

The conference host is still smiling.

Chris Caltabiano shares information about CEE (thanks, Chris)!

Chris and Helen, the NAEE President:

John encourages us to encourage teachers to join international economic educaton working trips:

The long-awaited bowling awards:

Congratulatons, Paul, highest score!

Hurrah to John for the first strike.

I think Helen's award was for extreme bowling.

Rob, aka Bobbie, attempted to bowl incognito.

Now what was that award for, Mary Lynn?

The conference host is still smiling!

David knows more than one thing about fundraising!

He even knows more than 5 things about fundraising.

Denise makes outcomes measurement interesting and challenging!

And we try our hand at it, too.

The Federal Reserve Bank hosted a very nice buffet!

Guess who is still smiling!

Day 2

Mary Lynn and Maryann have us thinking about career paths and succession.

We worked in groups to think about what the leaders should be doing (1) during their first two years, (2) from years 3 to 5, (3) mid-career, and (4) in the last five years of their career.

During the first two years of an economic education professional:

From 3-5 years into your career

3-5 years continued


Last years of career

Constance and DJ help us learn to create online social networking.

The conference organizers are smiling! Thanks to them for great planning!

And who else is smiling?

Addendum: The Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum visit.

Photos are not allowed inside. Here are the lovely grounds