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NAEE Standing Committees and Committee Members

The NAEE standing committees, a brief statement of their purposes, and the current members are listed below. Committee appointments are for three years and are renewable. Committee chair positions are generally for two years. Committee appointments and chair positions correspond to the calendar year. Please direct updates and changes to ksosin at


Awards and Professional Recognition
Fall Conference
Membership (TBA)
Professional Development

The Awards Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on the recognition of outstanding contributions of research, leadership, and service to economic education.

Mary Suiter and Bonnie Meszaros, co-chairs
Steve Cobb 16
Cynthia Harter 16
Barb Flowers 16
James Wilcox 16
Sue Owens, NAEE Liaison
Leslie Mace, Federal Reserve Liaison
Updated 3/1/2017

The Fall Conference Committee shall organize and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on the Association's annual meeting. The Conference committee will seek advice from the National Council in planning the annual conference.

Mary Ann Hewitt, Co-chair
Gary Stone, Co-chair

Brian Page, CEE Teacher Advisory Chair
Carlos Asarta, Research Chair
Selena Swarzfager, NAEE President
NAEE liaison, Mary Ann Hewitt
Gwen Pajotte, CEE Liaison
Updated 3/1/2017

The International Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on ways to foster cooperation and build ties between the Association and professional economic educators in other countries and increase the presence of international content in Association programs and publications.

International Breakfast at the 2016 CEE/NAEE fall conference.

Hugo Eyzaguirre, Chair
James Dick
Stephen Day
Hugo Eyzaguirre
Leland Gustafson
Joseph Defiglia
Anthony Zambelli
Laura Ewing
Joe Feinberg
Dennis Grogan
Tawni Ferrarini
Barbara Phipps
Rita Littrell
J.W. Fansler
James Owen
James B. Wilcox
Sherilyn Narker, Federal Reserve Liaison
Elena Zee, NAEE Liaison
Rosanna Castillo, CEE
Updated 3/1/2017
The Membership Committee is a new ad hoc committee for NAEE.
Patty Palmer, chair
Kim Sosin

David Mahon, NAEE Liaison
Mary Suiter, Federal Reserve Liaison
Updated 3/1/2017
The Spring Conference/Professional Development Committee shall advise and make policy recommendations to the Executive Co mmittee regarding ways to enhance the professional skills of all members of the network. The Committee shall plan and host the spring NAEE meeting as directed by the Executive Committee to enhance the skills and knowledge of members.
Mike Raymer, Chair
Jennifer Davidson
David Dieterly
Greg Huff
Nancy Harrison
Jim Charkins
Judith Dymond
Mary Ann Hewitt
Andrew Hill
Jean Kujawa
Sharon Laux
Jennifer Logan
David Martin
Mitchel Masucci
Wanda McAbee
Lynne Roach
Mary Suiter
Michele Wulff
Hal Wendling
Gwen Pajotte
Kris Bertelsen, Federal Reserve Liaison
Jennifer Davidson, NAEE liaison
Selena Swarzfager, NAEE President
Updated 3/1/2017

The Publications Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding Council for Economic Education materials including future publications and/or updates of current curricula, and for the endorsement of network-produced curricula.

Ruth Cookson and James Wilcox (Co-Chairs)
Lynne Stover
Kris Bertelsen
Marsha Masters
Doug Haskell
Mary Lynn Reiser
Gary Stone
Grant Black
Sherilyn Narker
Steve Buckles
Jim Charkins
Janet Daniels
Penny Kugler
Steve Kinney, CEE
Chris Caltabiano, CEE
Scott Wolla, Federal Reserve Liaison
Kim Sosin, NAEE Liaison
Updated 3/1/2017

The Research Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on existing and future education research directions and opportunities for Association members.

Carlos Asarta, Chair
Cindy Harter
Jane Lopus
Mark Schug
Kim Sosin
Mary Beth Henning
William Wood
Kyle Osborne
Abdullah Al-Bahrani
Helen Roberts
Rebecca Chambers
David Perkis
Brenda Cude
Steve Buckles
Matthew McCorkle
Natalia Smirnova
Todd Broker
Erin Yetter
Lee Yongil
N Replogle
Stephen Day
Kim Holder
Aisa Amagir
Joshua Mitton
Marybeth Motasem
Adrijana Kowatsch
Bonnie Meszaros
Melody Harvey
Jinwook Park
Tina Ellsworth
Sungshin Lee
Bonnie Maye
Andrew Hill, NAEE Liaison
Bill Walstad, JEE
Bill Bosshardt, CEE
Andrew Hill, Federal Reserve Liaison
Updated 3/1/2017

The Technology Committee shall advise and make policy recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding ways to enhance the work of the network through the use of technology.

Shelby Frost and Kim Holder, Co-chairs
Grant Black
Rob Clinton
Hugo Eyzaguirre
Tawni Ferrarini
Barb Flowers
Debbie Henney
Matt Johnson
John Kessler
Wanda McAbee
Beth Metzler
Patty Palmer
Lynn Roach
Helen Roberts
Jeff Sanson
Roberta Schroder
Kim Sosin
Phillip VanFossen
Gigi Wolf, Federal Reserve liaison
Chris Bujara, CEE liaison
Shelby Frost, NAEE liaison
Updated 3/1/2017