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NAEE Annual Awards Program

Now open for 2015: Nomination instructions below.

NEW AWARD: The James O'Neill Economic Education Multiplier Award

This award is presented by the National Association of Economic Educators to an economic educator who has been unusually successful at developing teachers of economics, and beyond that, someone who has inspired these teachers to also be advocates, recruiting other teachers into the economics fold. This economic educator, in the spirit of the award's namesake, multiplied the number of teachers, who further multiplied the number of students impacted by economics. The James O'Neill Economic Education Multiplier Award will be presented at the NAEE professional development meeting or at the annual NAEE meeting. NAEE thanks the University of Delaware Economic Education program for their support of this award.

The initial award was presented to Jim O'Neill at the NAEE Professional Development meeting February, 2015.


The National Association of Economic Educators and the Council for Economic Education present the following five awards annually: The Bessie B. Moore Service Award is awarded to an economic educator who has provided outstanding service to economic education. The Henry H. Villard Research Award honors an individual who has conducted outstanding research in economic education. The John C. Schramm Leadership Award is given to someone who has exhibited great leadership in economic education. The Patricia Elder International Award is awarded for exemplary contributions to economic education internationally. The Rising Star Award recognizes a new member to our network who has "hit the ground running." The Abbejean Kehler Technology Award, was created to honor Abbejean Kehler and her contributions to economic education, particularly in the use of technology. Other special awards are also given from time to time. The newest award, the James O'Neill Economic Education Multiplier Award, goes to someone who, by demonstrated excellence in inspiring and training teachers, has had a multiplier effect on the number of K-12 teachers and students involved in economics.

All NAEE awards have this requirement: Both the nominator and the nominee must be members of NAEE. Anyone involved in economic education can nominate if they are a member of the organization, and any individual nominated can be considered if they are members or join the organization.

About the Awards

To learn more about each award and to see the list of current and former recipients, please see the specific awards pages:
Bessie B. Moore Service Award
Henry H. Villard Research Award
John C. Schramm Leadership Award
Patricia Elder International Award
Rising Star Award
Abbejean Kehler Technology Award
James O'Neill Economic Education Multiplier Award
Phil Saunders Best Economic Education Paper Award
Special Awards

Congratulations to the 2014 NAEE Awardees:

Left to right: James Wilcox (Rising Star Award), Mike Raymer (NAEE President), Phil VanFossen (Kehler Technology Award), Bill Bosshardt (Moore Service Award), Bonnie Meszaros (Schramm Leadership Award), Yoshi Nakamoto (Elder International Award). and Chris Caltabiano (CEE Vice President).


Nominations for the 2015 awards are open. . The online nomination form is available by following this link: Prior to filling out this form, please ask the nominee's permission and request a current vita. The Villard and Kehler awards are screened by the relevant standing committees (research and technology) so it is best to contact someone on the executive committee to start that process. For the other awards, please also collect up to three letters of support for your nominee. If you would prefer to submit your nomination by mail, please contact Steve Cobb (, Chair of the NAEE Awards Committee, for specific instructions.

Nominations will be held for consideration for three years. If a nominee is not selected the first year, he/she will automatically be considered for the same award during the next two years. The principal nominator is invited to submit updated information.

How to Nominate

The following describes in general how to nominate an individual for the Schramm, Moore, Villard, Elder International, and Rising Star Awards. For the Kehler Technology Award, please send a letter or email to the chair of the Technology Committee at least 10 days before the overall deadline.

1. Before nominating an individual, please ask his/her permission, make sure she/he is a current NAEE member, and request a current vita in electronic format. The vita should be five pages or less and should focus on the criteria for the relevant award.

2. Please begin by looking over the online form the Awards Committee now uses for nominations at Use your review of this form to develop the electronic materials you will need for the nomination. Please make the entire nomination in one pass of the form. The following nomination information is needed:

  • Single "page" nomination narrative that you can copy and paste into the form. In addition, the following information will be required:
    • Name, title, and affiliation of nominee
      Address, phone number and email address of nominee
    • Name, title, and affiliation of person submitting nomination
      Address, phone number and email address of person submitting nomination
  • A letter of nomination from the primary nominator
  • A maximum of three letters supporting the nomination
  • A copy of the nominee's vita. The vita should be up to five pages and should focus on the criteria for the relevant award.
3. The nominating letter and support letters should provide specific information regarding the nominee's accomplishments in economic education relevant to the specific award. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. All materials should be submitted in one use of the form. You should upload the vita and up to three nominating letters into the form links for that (at the end), although if these are combined into one file, you may upload that in the vita field.