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The Rising Star Award

Please read this page to learn about the Rising Star Award. When you are ready to nominate, read the following page: NAEE Awards Information NOW OPEN

sponsored by the
National Association of Economic Educators
and the
Council for Economic Education


This award is to recognize an individual who has been a member of the economic education network for seven years or less. The purpose of the award is to identify someone who has "hit the ground running" and made extraordinary contributions to economic education programs or services early in his or her career in economic education. The Rising Star Award encourages, recognizes, and acclaims one who has met the challenges of providing economic education service early on and who demonstrates the dedication and potential to be a strong leader in the future.

As of 2009, the Rising Star Award replaces the "Rookie of the Year" recognition. The procedures for nominating an individual for the Rising Star Award are the same as the nominating procedures for other awards.


1. Active contributions to economic education at the local, state, national or international levels
2. Contributions seen to be extraordinary for one early in his / her career in economic education
3. Demonstrated dedication to economic education and potential to make continued future contributions


1. Individuals currently affiliated with the NAEE / Council for Economic Education network and who have been involved for seven years or less.
2. Economic educators who have not received this award (or the Rookie of the Year recognition) in the past.
3. Economic educators who are not currently serving on the NAEE Awards committee or the NAEE Executive Committee.

All NAEE awards have this requirement: Both the nominator and the nominee must be members of NAEE. Anyone involved in economic education can nominate if they are a member of the organization, and any individual nominated can be considered if they are or join the organization.



1998 Jeannette Mitchell
1999 Jody Hoff and Charlotte Higler
2000 Susan Paul
2001 Helen Roberts
2002 Tawni Ferrarini
2003 Ken Rebeck
2004 Ruth Cookson and Thomas Smith
2005 --
2006 Sherie Lazare and Lynn Stover
2007 John Morris and Scott Nederjohn
2008 Norman Cloutier

2009 onward:

2009 Roger Butters
2010 John Swinton
2011 Michael English
2012 Carlos Asarta
2013 Tim Scales
2014 James Wilcox
2015 David M Mohan