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Please read this page to learn about this award. When you are ready to nominate, read the following page: NAEE Awards Information NOW OPEN


The BESSIE B. MOORE SERVICE AWARD is designed to recognize individuals who are, or have been, affiliated with the CEE/NAEE organizations, and whose outstanding and dedicated service has had a significant impact on the delivery and enhancement of economic education. As one of our foremost economic educators, Moore organized and conducted economic education programs that gained board and community support, operated on a sound financial basis, reached virtually all Arkansas schools and attained national recognition for teacher curriculum projects. The Arkansas program, under her leadership and skillful management, became a model for other states.


Economic Educators provide service to their constituents in a variety of ways because of the diversity of responsibilities and employment circumstances. The following criteria include some of the types of services that may be performed; however, the list is not exhaustive. Furthermore, it is not assumed that every nominee will meet all criteria.

All NAEE awards have this requirement: Both the nominator and the nominee must be members of NAEE. Anyone involved in economic education can nominate if they are a member of the organization, and any individual nominated can be considered if they are or join the organization.

1. Active role in economic education programming.

2. Innovative economic education program development.

3. Enhancement of economic education through program delivery and service.

4. Dedication and commitment to economic education.

5. Continuing involvement and length of service in economic education.


1. Individuals currently or previously affiliated with the National Council\NAEE network, including Council, Center and/or Field Directors; Presidents and other staff officers; and certified EconomicsAmerica trainers and coordinators as well as individuals serving in related capacities.

2. Economic educators who have not been granted this award in the last five years.

3. Economic educators who are not currently serving as members of the NAEE Awards Committee or the NAEE Executive Committee.


1987 Sanford Gordon
1988 Judith Brenneke
1989 Emerson Hazlett
1990 Bob Reinke
1991 James O'Neill
1992 Polly Jackson
1993 Sarapage McCorkle
1994 Bonnie Meszaros
1995 Abbejean Kehler
1996 John Morton
1997 Peter Moore
1998 Mary Suiter
1999 Kim Sosin
2000 Joanne Dempsey
2001 Martha Hopkins
2002 Curt L. Anderson
2003 Suzanne Gallagher
2004 Tom McKinnon
2005 Barbara Phipps
2006 Steven L. Cobb
2007 Nancy A. Lang
2008 James Dick
2009 Donna K. Wright
2010 Gary Stone
2011 Jim Charkins
2012 Andrew Hill
2013 Barbara Flowers
2014 William Bosshardt
2015 Barbara Emery